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Abby's Corner, our resident SEO expert.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, what is it?

Search engine optimization tips and keywords from Abby's cornerHi I'm Abby,

My name is Abby, I'm a 5 year old Belgian Malinois. I am here today to speak about SEO or search engine optimization. Sounds like a big deal right, it's not. A couple of things I learned about SEO is that having a good basic website is the beginning of search engine success.

The website should be simple and to the point. No fancy flash, search engines can't read it, and have many pages of keyword dense content. Keywords? What's that? It's what search engines use to find you and your website.

If you sell dog toys, a good keyword would be... dog toys. If you sell multiple colored dog toys you might include those as part of your keywords, blue dog toys, green dog toys etc. OK, so far so good?

The search engines have these things called spiders, no not the eight legged things my daddy hates, it's a program that search engines use to crawl or look through your website. It's pretty complex but in a nut shell they look at your website and see all the words or content that is there. If it sees dog toys it puts that into the category dog toys. If somebody goes to Google and types in dog toys, it will display all the websites that it saw dog toys as a main keyword. The search engines display the websites with the most relevant keyword, dog toys, first. It then displays websites with dog toys somewhere in the content and so on.

So you may be asking why does this matter, it all boils down to this. You want your website to be the first one or at least on the first three pages of a search engine. People don't want to go six pages into a search for dog toys, they are going to usually find what they want within the first 3 pages. You want to be one of those websites chosen it means you are selling products (dog toys) or services (dog toys repair). 

The things to remember are:

  • Make your website simple and easy to use, flash is pretty but sometimes annoying and the search engines can't read flash.
  • Content is where it's at, make your pages relevant to the searcher, if they look for dog toys that's what your pages should be about.
  • Have lots of pages, lots of pages mean content about your product or service, search engine spiders like to see lots of content.

OK so now you know a bit more about websites and keywords, I'll be back next week to talk about something else, right now I see a chipmunk with my name on it, gotta go!!



Abby has a new tip, using your Meta tags:

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