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Helpful Hints for Developing a Marketing Strategy.

At Morris MC Ltd we understand what it's like to be a small business on a tight budget. That's why we've developed the helpful information section. Our goal is to help other small businesses by sharing some of the cost effective strategies we've learned over the years working with a wide range of businesses, professionals and organizations.

What you need today may not be what you are going to need in a year.

That's why Morris MC Ltd balances your budget today with your needs for the future. Most of our projects can be broken down into phases so that you won't need to spend loads of cash just to have a marketing presence. As the money comes in and your business grows you can move on to phase two - or three.

Determine who your target client base is.

It might be the one that will bring you the most money - people looking for information about your organization's service or product. Whoever it is, focus on those people first. Everybody else can go into the next phase.

Decide where you can get the most bang for your buck.

Print materials may give you something to hand out, but a website will last longer and can be updated easier. However, if your target audience is not computer savvy, a new brochure or mailer would probably be a better choice.

Don't be short sighted.

You may need to compromise for the short term but never forget your long term goals. If you have just one product today, but expect to have 10 in the next year don't design your website or marketing materials around that one product. Develop the navigation and design of your website with future expansion in mind. Design your brochure around your company and your company focus, and don't forget to include your website address (which can be updated much more cost effectively than printed materials) on all of your marketing materials.

Bringing big business website design to the small business at a cost the small business can afford.

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